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Welcome into our little traveling boutique trailer

We are Denay and Rylee George, mom and daughter duo, and co-owners of 

Rylee Ann's.

We started this little journey in April of 2018 when Rylee was 15 and a freshman in high school, and shortly after Denay took a break from doing hair after 15 years, to spend more time with the family. 

On a family camping trip an idea formed, Rylee wanted to start a business, and Denay didn't want the business taking over the house, from there the idea took shape, and what better way to own an online clothing store that can travel as well, keeping everything in the same space.

 In May of 2018 we bought our little travel trailer and both spent that summer redoing it top to bottom, just us two girls, with a little help from the hubby/dad (he did paint the outside for us). Everything else we tackled together, from floors, to walls and shelving system. After working on it all summer, we had our first outing in September 2018 and haven't stopped since. 

We are truly so blessed by all of you who are traveling along with us on this little journey. We have met so many people, and been so honored to attend so many events, and pop ups and home parties in the last 3 ½ years.

Let's fast forward to now, 2022. Rylee has now graduated high school with a 4.5 GPA all while still staying very involved in the business. 

Summer 2021 Rylee tore her ACL and will require surgery, she is taking a small break from school and staying busy with the boutique and will be enrolling in online classes 

Denay loves to bake and is still soaking up time with the family camping and growing this business alongside Rylee, making many new memories.

We can't wait to see where the road takes us

Thanks for jumping on board, destination unknown, as of now!

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  • Located in Bakersfield Ca
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